Peru – Marañón Pure Nacional

HEXX chocolate - peru

Tasting Notes
Richly intense, with delicate fruit and floral notes

Cacao Percentage
70% (Dark Chocolate)
47% (Milk Chocolate)

Farms:  Marañón Pure Nacional

Location:  Remote Canyon on the Marañón River in Northern Peru

Latitude:  Approximately 5° South

Recently rediscovered and uniquely growing at an altitude above 3,500 feet, these are the world’s only USDA verified Pure Nacional cacao beans. This cacao varietal was once grown in Ecuador and widely used in the preparation of high quality chocolate for the European and American markets, until diseases wiped out the entire known sources of this pure varietal about 100 years ago. Rediscovered in 2007 by Dan Pearson and Brian Horsley near the Marañón River in Northern Peru, these cacao trees grow in natural conditions and have done so undisturbed for centuries, allowing them to yield 40% rare white cocoa beans along with standard purple ones in each pod. Marañon practices Direct Trade, paying a 50% premium to the local farmers who cultivate the Pure Nacional. Marañon ferments and dries the beans and delivers directly to HEXX chocolate. HEXX chocolate is the exclusive chocolate maker of Marañón Pure Nacional in Las Vegas.
River Valley Peru
Marañón cut cacao fruit, Peru
Cacao Seeds Peru, Marañón
Marañón Cacao Tree, Peru

Dan Pearson from Marañón, Peru
Brian Horsley from Marañón, Peru
Dried Cacao Beans Marañón, Peru